Antebellum Days (Part 2) – Social and Religion

RELIGION Religion played a huge part in “taming” the wild country, but it wasn’t easy with settlers scattered throughout the terrain and travel being difficult. From 1817 to 1860 religion grew rapidly, but because most early churches were on preaching circuits, the clergy couldn’t perform adequately. Baptists grew in numbers, but disagreed on many issues. […]

Antebellum Days – Schools (Part 1)

In Lauderdale County’s early days, education revolved around household activities and everyday survival. Living off the land required the backbone of most household members, from fetching water from a nearby creek to firewood for cooking and staying warm. The first school in the territory had been established for Choctaw children by Presbyterian Missionaries in 1824 […]

The Nature of Life

Teaching natural childbirth classes wasn’t a profession Elizabeth Steele had planned. It was after the Marine Corps transferred her husband to Meridian, Miss. in 2005 and she became pregnant with their second child. Since she had had natural childbirth with her first, she began researching natural birth options for her second. “I found one natural […]

Saint Nicholas

“The roots of Santa Claus are not found in the snows of the North Pole,” writes Ace Collins in his book Men of Faith, “but were planted by third-century acts of charity in a region we now know as Turkey.” Ancient Christian writings indicate that Nicholas of Myra, born around 270 AD, was a man with a […]

Dynamic Dyslexia Design

In 2008, Dynamic Dyslexia Design; The 3-D School and Evaluation Center in Petal, Miss. opened its doors to 24 children. Today, as a state accredited non-public, special purpose school for children with dyslexia, it serves 106 children (grades 1-5) in a full day program designed specifically for dyslexic children. A staff of 20 includes dyslexia […]

Stand Up For Someone Today

On December 10th, the world will celebrate the Universal Day for Human Rights. Adopted in 1950, it proclaimed a common standard towards which individuals and societies should strive. It states that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights; that fundamental human rights shall be universally protected, covering all aspects of […]


“If you really think about it,” wrote Mark Batterson, “it’s the bad days that help us appreciate the good days. Without them, we’d have no comparison point.” In Mark Batterson’s book, If, he urges us to count our blessings and to remind everyone else how blessed we all are! He suggests that we consider these things: If […]

Smartphone Holiday Memories

More families travel during the holidays than any other time of year. In fact, for some families, the holiday season is the only time of tyear they gather together to break bread with loved ones. However, in this day and age smartphones too often pull us away from conversations and family moments, even during the […]