The Winter Blues

  Outside, overcast skies hide the afternoon sun. Summer’s vibrant green and the kaleidoscopic colors of fall have long vanished, leaving only fallen leaves to sweep across a cold, barren ground. Winter in the south may be relatively short, but its colder and shorter days can still bring in the winter blues. Seasonal depression, otherwise […]

Antebellum Days – Schools (Part 1)

In Lauderdale County’s early days, education revolved around household activities and everyday survival. Living off the land required the backbone of most household members, from fetching water from a nearby creek to firewood for cooking and staying warm. The first school in the territory had been established for Choctaw children by Presbyterian Missionaries in 1824 […]

The Nature of Life

Teaching natural childbirth classes wasn’t a profession Elizabeth Steele had planned. It was after the Marine Corps transferred her husband to Meridian, Miss. in 2005 and she became pregnant with their second child. Since she had had natural childbirth with her first, she began researching natural birth options for her second. “I found one natural […]