Hwy 80 Songwriters Fest

Since the first Hwy 80 Songwriters fest in 2013, which was made possible in part by an AT&T grant, the purpose and mission of the Hwy 80 Songwriters Fest were to expand the songwriter’s platform and territory, provide education in the songwriting craft for songwriters of all ages and levels of expertise, to build and […]

What Happened to Recess?

  Hard realities for Mississippi, like top national rankings in obesity and poverty and bottom rankings in education, often keep our lovely hospitality state in a negative light. In a former study by the College of Health at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), approximately 95 percent of Mississippians surveyed believe obesity is a serious […]

Is The Keyboard Mightier Than The Pen? Keep Old School in Children’s Learning

Education has gone high tech. When I started my first teaching job, the ditto machine was my friend. The messy, purple inked contraption made it possible to spew out handouts, tests and homework assignments for my students. Technology moved from there to the mimeograph machine to the photo copier to the power point presentation. White […]