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Welcome to Southern Roots Magazine

Here within the pages (both online or print) you find a sense of place through photographs and features designed to inspire, entertain, educate, and advocate for causes that build better communities. Southern is who we are and what we do. Roots signify beginnings, returning to the basics, but also growth and prosperity. Getting to the root of anything, we discover the truth of who, what, when, where, why and how. Only by feeding and nurturing these roots and pruning the growth will anything reach full potential.

Through my experiences as a freelance writer, community volunteer and project director for The Montgomery Institute whose initiatives target East Mississippi/West Alabama, I visited many communities in the region, building business relationships and friendships along the way. Each community, large and small, proudly revealed their roots and shared their hidden gems like an old friend pulling out a photo book. Though rural communities face economic challenges, they are a proud people who enjoy organic living, vast creative spaces, and unspoiled landscapes. They support locally and regionally and are rewarded for their efforts in ways money can’t buy. No one community can stand alone—and it doesn’t have to. Southern Roots uncovers the South’s many communities of diverse cultures, families, businesses, artists and landscapes.

I come to the table with an extensive background as a freelance writer, managing editor and special features director for several magazines. Southern Roots freelancers have solid backgrounds in their fields and dig deep to find the heart of the stories they cover and the scenes they photograph.

Again, welcome to Southern Roots Magazine—or better yet, “Welcome home.”

Richelle Putnam, Publisher/Editor



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